This isn’t my first rodeo with blogging. In fact, before this blog, I’ve had five (I think). The blog that I invested most of my time into was one called “Who is Papa K?” Well… I’m still Papa K but my priorities have changed. No longer will I dedicate an entire week to talking about boobs or create a fictional story about how my wife and I met. Instead:  

I don’t want to say a word from this point forward that doesn’t point the world back to Him.  

For those of you who don’t know: Him = God  

And while I still consider boobs to be awesome, you can say that perhaps I suddenly had a moment where I came into complete clarity as to why I’m here, what I’m supposed to do, who I’m supposed to target and when I’m supposed to just shut up and listen.  

I was so concerned before with my other blogs as to how many hits I got or how many comments I received per post. Well, that doesn’t matter now because I’m happy if I just get one hit a day (I wasn’t happy yesterday because I didn’t get any hits) because that means that I reached someone.

I’m glad I’m here. I’m glad that if you’re reading this you might like what you see and tell other people to follow me on my continued journey. I’m focused and ready to document all the positive and negatives of this walk. It was there with my other blogs but I refused to open myself up to the world as a Catholic Christian and write what God has so elegantly placed into my thought process.  

As it is with most people, we deny what God has placed on our hearts because we feel as though we can do better. Well folks… we can’t. I know where I belong and every single day I look forward to what happens tomorrow because when you take God’s direction seriously then good things will start to happen.  

Welcome 🙂

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