I don’t even know where to start. How do you even touch on grace… what it is and why we are able to obtain it. Here on Earth, we are incapable of giving anyone complete, unwavering grace. Even though we may forgive or choose to move on, the feeling is still there! Sort of like the hint of garlic on your breath after eating your Grandma’s homemade Italian meatballs.

But God, His grace is limitless.


There’s no hint of garlic.

How can grace be limitless? How is that possible? Well my friend, we don’t have to understand everything to believe in something.

Realizing that we have been given unending grace could drive some people to separate themselves from Him because, “Hey… I know he loves me. Regardless of what I do.” That’s the beautiful thing about grace: you can discount it and it still goes on loving you.

But if you don’t realize what you’re missing out on you could be completely blindsided later in your life (or maybe never) when you find out that you could have gotten so much more out of grace.

Living in the light of God’s grace and paying attention to the blessings he bestows on you instead of taking them for granted can get you addicted to grace. Because really, who doesn’t want to feel loved? Who doesn’t want to feel as though they have a personal relationship with Someone who created their spirit… their very life.

Feeling loved doesn’t make someone feel sad. Feeling though Someone is guiding you to places where you will be happy, not rich or famous, is the beauty of soaking in the grace that God give you freely.

I don’t know about you, but I thank God every day for the grace he gives me. Without it, I would be a hopeless shell of a human being. Realizing that God does indeed have my best interests at heart and loves me unconditionally no matter how many times I screw shit up gives me hope that I may someday be able to dispense some minutia of the grace God has filled me with.


And if you want to learn a much more in-depth look at grace, I suggest you read this book (and I don’t read much so you know it’s a big deal).

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