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Andy Rooney once said, “I’ve decided I’m against abortion. I think it’s murder. But I have a dilemma in that I much prefer the pro-choice to the pro-life people. I’d much rather eat dinner with a group of the former.”

How sad is that?

Is it completely possible that Christians, in the midst of their pro-life zeal, distract non-Christians from the grace of God because of our fear? It is true because as Christians we feel under attack by the vast majority of society, the media, schools, in courts and the government. Our natural instinct is to fight back.

So, how do we stop the negative connotation?

Unfortunately, Christians may never fully be able to… but we can certainly combat it.

Much in the same way hate seems to procreate easily amongst ourselves and our friends and family it is just as easy to kick its ass. Seriously… it is. Grace, the one distinctive message that Christians have over all other religions, is the hardest thing to dispense. But, once you desire to forgive, you indeed become more “Christ-like”. Isn’t that what Jesus taught? To love the unlovable?

Sometimes we think too much. Sometimes we try to fix the problem ourselves before looking to God for guidance. Building power to change someone’s mind tends to reflect us as the “morals police”. We should leave matters of judgment to the one true Judge

We are a flawed people. Ourselves, in an overzealous attempt to bring heaven down to earth, seems to result in bringing hell up from below. We need to concentrate less on the kingdom of this world, and more on the kingdom not of this world.

My friends, we need to love. I’m not saying we can’t be passionate in our efforts to cease abortion or bring prayer back into schools but just be careful, lest in fighting the dragon you become the dragon itself.

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2 thoughts on “Zeal

  1. Jenni

    I love all your talk of love. Love it. It’s lovely. And it’s entirely true. I just wanted to remind you that there are many times that Jesus warned His disciples that they would be hated because of Him. John 15:18, Luke 6:22, and Matt. 10:22, just to name a few. And Jesus Himself, of course, was hated so entirely that He was put to death, and for what? The fact that He loved folks. Not trying to be a wet blanket, but if our goal is to make the world love us back, or to see us as wonderful people, that just isn’t going to happen. In fact, it may simply bring even more scorn from some. Being Christlike should be our highest aim. But we need to be prepared when we are abused and misunderstood in spite of it…because we will be. A negative view of Christians is always going to persist because on this side of heaven, the ugly one rules. I don’t think that’s going to change until he is shut up for good.

    • I absolutely agree with you. My view is, as long as I love the way Jesus loved, I will be happy. As long as I showcase the kind of love that Jesus did and people get angry… then I know I’m doing the right thing. I love living my life by loving excessively. No one human being can take that away from me.

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