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It never hurts to have an extra brain putting forth the effort to pray for whatever you might have going on in your life, right?

This is precisely the reason why I have the “Need Prayer?” tab.

It exists because I want it available to any of you who may be in a situation where you need an extra soul praying for you. I can’t claim that I can solve all your problems with my prayers, but I would certainly like to contribute to whatever effort is being made to heal you or someone else you may submit a petition for.

It’s quite simple, if your need is one that you don’t mind plastering in the comments on this blog, feel free. If your request is one of a more private matter, you can contact me via Twitter, Facebook or, if your request is super private, feel free to email me at

Also, I could always use a little publicity, so if it doesn’t trouble you too much I would absolutely be thankful if perhaps you can spread the word on this blog via social media or email or carrier pigeon!? It doesn’t really matter how you tell people about this blog… I just prayerfully ask God every day that perhaps I can help people through this blog and your help is so very much appreciated.

Blessings 🙂

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