The Bible App

Pope with iPad

Did you know that these futuristic devices known as “iPads” and “Smart Phones” can be used for Christian activities like reading the Bible! Who knew!?

When I was a young aspiring tattoo canvas, I would wake up in the morning and go into the kitchen to find my mother drinking her coffee and reading the bible. She said that the morning time was the best time for her to concentrate on God’s word because, for that short period of time in the morning, I wasn’t present to ask if she could make me cinnamon toast and my dad wasn’t there to ask her to fix him his elaborate breakfast that took him until noon to finish.

Don’t we all need a little of this “time” with ourselves and His word?

I find that if I do not “feed me soul” I start to deviate from my happiest moments which come when I’m in tune with where God wants me to be… and that’s in the pages of what has been a best selling book for centuries.

But, in an age where time is money and moments spent by ourselves are few and far between, how to we sit down and give a few moments to reflect? It is hard to carry a bible around! Those things are big and cumbersome to lug around waiting for the perfect opportunity to open.

I have an answer to this question.

It’s called The Bible App.

With technology being where it is today, every single verse from the bible can be stored on an application on your phone (or iPad or whatever else you have) along with unlimited devotionals, translations, etc.

Bible Application Meme

Make sure to charge your phone though…

I find that some days, the only time I have to myself is (be prepared for TMI) in the bathroom. It is at this time I pull out my phone, open the Bible App and read what comes next in whatever devotional I’m reading for the day. Sometimes I even post what I read to my Facebook Page.

Regardless of your schedule, I know that each of us have 5 minutes during the day to read what God’s word has in store for us. If you don’t think that 5 minutes is enough, reflect on the fact that if you just spend 5 minutes catching up… that’s 5 minutes more than what you might have read the previous day. Something is indeed better than nothing.

Technology can indeed be a bad thing. The internet and technology can connect people in a damaging way. Pornography, negative propaganda and the like can be spread in mere milliseconds and damage the lives of millions. But, when you look at the numbers of people who have downloaded the Bible App, it gives me hope that we can indeed turn the tide and use technology to change lives of people in a positive way.

The creators of the Bible App are trying to reach 100 Million downloads of their application by their 5th anniversary on July 10th. If you haven’t downloaded it already, I would highly recommend it.

Perhaps, it may even change your life. 🙂

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