King Solomon was so wise that when two women approached him accusing each other that the other had stolen their baby, he told a soldier to slice the baby in half and give each woman a piece so they could both have the baby. The real mother screamed, shouted and cried thus revealing to Solomon that she was the real mother and subsequently she was awarded the baby.

Now that’s wisdom. Isn’t it?

I guess I can’t quite picture a real world scenario where this would work but I guess thousands of years ago that could be considered real wisdom. So, with that being said, when all else seems lost and you can’t figure out a solution to the problem, don’t chop something in half.

I’m kidding of course but we should all pray for wisdom. Not the sort of wisdom where chopping things in half solves all our problems but the kind of wisdom where we can discern what the right answer is to a problem we’ve encountered.

Perhaps we should stop elevating individuals like Lil’ Wayne and Johnny Knoxville to celebrity positions where they can say and do anything and people listen.

Should these be the people we invest our time into?

I’ll answer that question. The answer is “no”.

I’m not saying that Lil’ Wayne’s intelligible lyrics and Johnny Knoxville’s immunity to getting hit in the groin time after time isn’t okay to absorb now and again but we should spend more quality time asking for wisdom and learning how to obtain it.

How do we do this?

We pray for it.

Pray for wisdom. Don’t turn into Lil’ Wayne.

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One thought on “Wisdom

  1. faerylandmom

    I don’t plan to. So, there’s that.

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