About The Tattoos

By posting this, I realize there may be some backlash. Some of you may say, “Some Christian he is! He’s got chicks tattooed all over him!”

Well, unfortunately this is true. I made some mistakes. But, they all tell a story. Albeit… sometimes a fairly short one but a story nonetheless.

Also, the picture on my header (“Fear God” tattoo guy) is not me. While I wish it was because that’s an awesome tattoo… alas it is not. It makes for a great header though so until I come up with something else then that’s what I’m stuck with.

I caught the tattoo bug when I was 18. I remember thinking that Goldbergs tattoo was awesome:

goldberg tattoo

By no means am I a wrestling fan but my girlfriend at the time loved Goldberg and subsequently I thought that a Goldberg tattoo would elevate me to the status of “badass” so I got this one:

small tribal tattoo

Granted, it looks nothing like the Goldberg tattoo but it’s all I could afford at the time. Cut me some slack.

Shortly after receiving the first, I endured the pain of a second on the same foot (because that was easy to hide from my parents).

hideous tribal snake tattoo

This is a classic case of looking at flash art and saying, “Uh, THAT LOOKS COOL! I WANT THAT!”, and then regretting it for the rest of your life. Thank goodness I didn’t choose to get it somewhere more noticeable. Oh wait… that’s right. I did that later.

tribal arm tattoo

Now that’s more like a Goldberg tattoo… sort of. Unfortunately, the consumer demand on tribal tattoo art quickly diminished right after I got this:

tribal scorpion tattoo

Yes. That is a scorpion. I don’t like scorpions. I’m not a Scorpio. I have been stung by a scorpion before but that was long after I got this tattoo so that means nothing. I really just wanted a tattoo on my boob AT THAT EXACT MOMENT that I wound up regretting for the rest of my life.

I think the scorpion just might get me on TV. Hopefully I can get on “America’s Worst Tattoos” and get it covered up some day.

My fifth tattoo, while still showing shades of tribal art, at least had some meaning. Several years after my badass scorpion tattoo, I met this beautiful woman (who I eventually married) and after a tumultuous several months we wound up breaking it off.

I was destroyed and in my pain I came up with this:

hope faith love tribal tattoo

It reads, “Hope, Faith and Love… Forever”. The “Forever” is represented by the infinity symbol.

We got back together and married about a year later. This tattoo represents exactly what it says and aside from wanting to touch it up a little, I’m keeping this one around.

On our honeymoon in Hawaii, I got this little tattoo:

M tattoo

It’s my wife’s first initial (her name’s not Mergatroid).

I finally got past the “all black and tribal tattoos” look with this one:

nautical star tattoo

My best friend also got the identical tattoo to show that we’re all like, in love with each other or something I guess…

I’m just going to skim over the next several because I kinda went a little tattoo crazy there for a little while during my life.

This is my last name which means “King” (thus the crown):

koenig tattoo

This is my pinup girl:

Pinup Tattoo


She’s holding a scepter to go along with the “my name means ‘King’” theme.

This is my “MOM/DAD” tattoo:

mom tattoo

Then I got my (currently uncompleted) Marvel leg sleeve:





Human Torch

Human Torch

Ms. Marvel (and me with all the blood rushing to my head)

Ms. Marvel (and me with all the blood rushing to my head)



Emma Frost

Emma Frost

The Marvel tattoos set me back a few bucks so I unfortunately could not get the sleeve finished before I moved on to other more important things. Like this:

Daddy kissing baby

My wife and I welcomed her on July 16th, 2008 and it turned my world upside down. To commemorate her, I naturally got a tattoo:

(sorry for all the hair)

(sorry for all the hair)

Now, that I had a child and was currently a little disenchanted with my Marvel leg sleeve because it was just taking too damn long, I wanted to move along to something else.

This may be where I lose some of you because while a tattoo of a pinup girl and Emma Frost are fairly tame (at least to me); this one begs the question, “Uh… why as Christian would you get that?” Hang with me please while I explain.

I am a HUGE Texas Rangers fan and wanted to commemorate my loyalty to them with a tattoo. I didn’t want to get a Rangers logo so I incorporated it into this tattoo:

Texas Rangers girl tattoo

Not only did it hurt like hell because it is on my ribcage, it also brought up some serious discussion between my wife and me because she hates it. The cartoon woman is endowed, that much is clear, but she also represents baseball and it is, in fact, just a cartoon. This continues to be stance on the issue but I know it will not hold up in court. While I did not think of the ramifications it would cause further on in life it is something I am stuck with so I might as well not hide from it. It is a mistake and while I still do enjoy what it stands for and will finish it one day, it is something for me to answer to God (along with all the others) when He asks me, “Chris, I give you a beautiful wife and you want to get this tattooed on your body!?”

I know it was a mistake but I’m stuck with it now so I might as well embrace it as a part of my body that represents my past.

Lastly (for now) and my most favorite is my scripture tattoo:

scripture tattoo

This scripture is from Psalm 18, verse 32. When I was about 4 years old, my mother was doing her daily bible reading and came across Psalm 18, verses 30-40 and felt these scripture were destined to be appointed to me. The verse that’s inscribed on my arm is what I felt was the most powerful and poignant of them all.

It’s placement serves as a constant reminder to myself Who I should stay focused on.


4 thoughts on “About The Tattoos

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  2. faerylandmom

    Way to tell an honest story. Kudos.

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